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Communications and marketing plans for Gospel-aligned businesses, ministries, and churches.

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Delivering the Good News and engaging your community needs to happen more than just on Sunday.

What about the other 167 hours of the week?

Imagine having your members and congregation informed and with information to not only invite others to your church, but equipped and educated to disciple others as we're all called to do?

A strategic communication plan connects ALL facets of your church's message— your website, sermon videos, upcoming events, social media engagement, blog posts, emails, texts, newsletters, Sunday bulletins, and your outside church sign, just to name a few...are they all connected and working together to equip and disciple your current members and those who haven't yet joined?

There are three major problems with the way churches communicate:

1. They don't

2. People are bombarded with messaging upwards of 7,000 times per day. Is your church and the message of Jesus a part of that? 

3. Some churches flat out don't. 

It would be great if people just "went to church" 


Hey y'all! 

I'm working hard to get my website and business email up and running, but in the meantime, you can reach me at

- Laurel Page

Informative and Inviting Websites

Clear Email Communications

Engaging Social Media Content
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